Designer Prescription Glasses - Functional and Stylish

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Got Glasses?
designer prescription glassesThe four most common reasons that people require prescription glasses are due to the following conditions:
  • Astigmatism
  • Hyperopia
  • Myopia
  • Presbyopia.
Astigmatism is often referred to as having a ‘football' shaped eye but technically speaking it means that the cornea has a more oblong shape that can cause eyestrain or blur when looking at objects either close or far away depending on the type and degree of the astigmatism.
Hyperopia is the technical name for being farsighted and means that people with this condition have difficulty seeing things close-up.
Myopia is the technical name for when people are ‘near-sighted'. People with this condition have difficulty seeing things in the distance.
Presbyopia is a condition that generally occurs as people age into their forties and can cause difficulty in focusing in on items up close. When people need to focus in on items that are up close the cornea needs to be able to change shape to focus. As people age the cornea hardens and loses the ability to change shape making reading and other up-close activities extremely difficult. People that have presbyopia have the option of using bifocals and progressive lenses to correct this condition.
Function and Style Can Co-exist!
Although many dread the thought of having to wear prescription glasses, many more choose to take advantage of a great new accessory. Function and style can co-exist, especially when they are presented as a pair of designer prescription glasses!
Eye Exams Are Essential For Healthy Eyes and the Best Vision
Ideally, everyone should have their eyes examined annually for best vision, proper eye health and early detection of eye problems that could lead to blindness. Many people underestimate the importance of regular eye exams and find it all too easy to put these appointments on the backburner. If you are due for a visit to the eye doctor why not consider going to a place that can offer all of the following:
  • Experience – Top optical outlets will have more than forty years' worth to draw on to provide their customers with comprehensive eye care solutions.
  • Selection – There should be a wide range of fine fashion frames for the customer to pick from.
  • Value – As mentioned above, top optical outlets will offer various promotions to offer their customers savings.
  • Excellent Customer Service – Aside from friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff and trained technicians, this should also include fast service like one hour, while you wait or same day. The best optical stores will be able to boast an above average percentage of happy and satisfied repeat customers.
  • Convenience – Quality optical stores have multiple locations to choose from.
  • Quality Assurance - Guarantees against accidental breakage or damage will provide confidence in purchases.
  • Complete Eye Care Needs – In addition to designer frames, the best optical outlets should also offer products and services for all their customers' eye care needs: arranging eye exams, prescription glasses and sunglasses, high definition lenses, contact lenses and safety eyewear.
See better while you look better; visit a top optical outlet today for all your designer prescription eyeglass needs!